Are you committed to your journey of self?

If the answer is anything other than yes, then I suggest you consider whether you invest your time reading the material on this site right at this undecided point in your life. You can choose to read it as a non committal observer, a cynic or sceptic, however it is designed for those who are ready to put all fears and reservations aside. It’s just you here. The idea is to approach this differently to how you have chosen to do things before.

  • Choose to break the patterns you have neatly woven into your life.
  • Choose to remove yourself from your comfort zone.
  • Choose to be honest with yourself
  • Choose to explore the possibilities.

Are you committed to unmasking yourself?

I believe that it is crucial that you make a commitment to yourself and acknowledge that you are accountable for your actions and reactions to any given circumstance. If you are ready to make the commitment to yourself then I suggest that in a quiet private space you read the following “I” statements out aloud. You need to feel the words rather than just read off the page. Take the time to really feel the commitment that you have to you. The “I” is important, as it is you that is taking this journey and therefore must be accountable for the commitment that you choose to apply.

  • I am choosing to challenge myself
  • I am choosing the path of self evolution
  • I am choosing the path of self transformation
  • I am committed to me
  • I am committed to facing my fears
  • I am committed to being honest
  • I am committed to releasing my emotions
  • I am committed to allowing me to be myself
  • I am committed to being accountable for every action & or reaction to a given situation

The majority of people who have got to this paragraph would have ignored the instructions of the previous paragraph and just read the “I” statements within their mind rather than out aloud as suggested. Through out this site I choose my words very carefully to ensure where ever possible I am not telling you what to do. It is important that you make your choices along the way and be completely accountable for them. It is time to question why you chose not to read the “I” statements out aloud. Listen to your internal dialogue and become aware of the variety of excuses and justifications that you have readily available. Then consider the fact that you may have chosen the easy option, the one that was most familiar and comfortable to do.

Are you here to seek different, to try new approaches to broaden your level of awareness about who you are and what drives you to do the things you do? Now for those who didn’t read it out aloud, think about the excuses you readily accepted to keep hold of your same patterns.

“If you continue to do what you have always done you will always get what you have always gotten”

Quote By: Unknown

The “I” is important as it is you that is taking this journey and therefore must aim to be accountable to yourself for the commitment that you choose to apply. Reading it out aloud often assists people in being present to the words. It also brings you into a state of feeling the messages as it jolts your mind to adjust to reading aloud.

Hint: You tend to get a higher state of awareness through doing something outside of your normal pattern of behavior.

It is important to get the spirit of each message. There is no right or wrong that exists as it is relative to the individual. If you were one of the few people that went and followed the suggested method and read out aloud, ask yourself whether you felt the words. Were you true to yourself and really felt the commitment or did you just read the words aloud and then move to the next section? 

It’s not a test. It is just a way of demonstrating to you that although your intentions of being committed are there, you may not have yet conditioned yourself to question your actions and hold yourself accountable.

What I have learnt in my experiences of life is that if my intentions are genuine and I want to learn then the lessons will come. I just need to have the commitment to myself and the universe seems to answer my call for assistance. I trust that the lessons will present themselves at the right time and that I will have the ability to deal with any situation that crosses my path.

Before you head off into other sections of the site, I would like to offer you the opportunity to write a message to yourself.

Instruction: Express whatever it is in you to say to you and do so in a tangible form.

I do request that if you choose to create an expression of what you want to communicate to yourself, that you place it somewhere safe when it is complete and do not revisit it again until you feel the essence of your current journey is drawing to a point of closure. Example: Imagine that you have left this message in a time capsule that is waiting for you at the end of your adventure. Trust that you will know when the time has come to revisit what you have expressed.

For all those who choose not to do this exercise, please take the time to explore why you have made this decision. You must keep yourself honest throughout this process in order to get the most out of your invested time. My suggestion is that you go back to the “I” statements to assess whether you are being true to your commitments. If the answer is yes, you are being true and you still do not want to do this exercise, then honor this and move to the next section. If the answer is no, you are not being true to yourself, then perhaps you need to re-consider your choice. Either way it is completely up to you.

Next Steps

All those years of searching, reading books, seeking the guidance of experts to help you get beyond your self adopted blockers. Now you know the truth. What you are seeking already resides within you.

If you trust yourself, then you have nothing to fear… Are you ready?
The Awakening