Paying IT Forward

All the key elements in life that make it fulfilling are free. I’ll say it again, ALL the key elements in life that make it worth living are available for free and better still you possess everyone of them.

  • Free Will
  • Thinking
  • Feeling
  • Loving

It all starts and ends within you.

Quote By: Truth Devour

Self Empowerment

Above all things, your free will is the Governor. The intoxicating part of the journey is when you realize that the circumstances you find yourself in, that feeling of being struck, trapped, a lost cause… is just a moment away from freedom.  You possess the capability to change your life to be empowered to alter your circumstance by simply altering your perspective. 

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Awareness of Conditioning

The hierarchical construct has been an ingrained psychology from the time we were born. It started with our parents, was reconfirmed by academic structure, influenced by coaches, friends, social rulings, and is evident in corporations. It has become a subconscious default position for individuals to be accountable upwards. 

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14 Day Challenge

Sometimes in order to see beyond our limitations we need to break the patterns by doing something different to the norm. The 14 Day Challenge is a way of doing this. 

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This site contains my philosophy of self. It is a way of mindfulness living that you can use as a guide to gain ideas for ways to explore and improve aspects of your own journey.

It is given free from me to you. No strings attached.


Anything and everything you do in life holds one constant…. you.

Self Empowerment