When you start this exercise it continues for 14 days consecutive. Ensure that you are committed to the process. The results are measurable by the investment you place in setting yourself up for the greatest chance of success. Find a comfortable, quiet place where you can concentrate with no disruption.

What you need to prepare.

  • Locate a comfortable, quiet place within your home that you can dedicate to the process
  • Decorate the space with items that hold personal value to you
  • A4 Paper lined
  • Blank white paper
  • Any writing and drawing utensils you choose
  • Dictaphone or voice recorder (only for those people who do not have functional ability to use their hands)

Days: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13

Step 1: Upon rising in the morning – Go to the designated area of the house that you have chosen. Sit upright, place your hands palms facing up on your lap, close your eyes and take 30 deep breathes. Fill your lungs to the brim and then release. Repeat this action until you have done this 30 time. If you feel a tingling sensation, recognize that your body is being activated by the gift of your oxygenated blood. Your body needs nourishment to function at its best. 

Step 2: Write two A4 pages back and front continuously without stopping. (If using a Dictaphone talk for 20 mins without stopping)

The Rules

  1. It must be done when you first rise in the morning – don’t allow yourself to accept excuses and get distracted.
  2. When you put your pen to paper you must not stop
  3. Do not read what you have written on the previous line, just keep writing until you complete the task
  4. You must complete two pages front and back
  5. It must be filled with writing – no doodles or drawings
  6. What you are writing does not have to make sense. Just write one word and then the next, do not worry about grammar or spelling mistakes, just write without pausing until you finish the 2 pages back & front.
  7. Once complete fold the sheets of paper into a small square then put it in a safe place where no-one has access to it.
  8. It is extremely important that you DO NOT read what you have written or if using a Dictaphone DO NOT listen to the dialog. This exercise is a release and therefore once it is out we don’t want to read / listen to it. 
  9. What you have written in essence is not for anyone to see. This exercise gives you an opportunity to write anything you want in the safety and trust of your presence. No judgement, no criticism, just you with pen and paper free to express what ever you choose. There are no rules regarding what is released.

Days: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14

Step 1: Go to the designated area of the house that you have chosen. Get yourself comfortable and ready to begin.

Step 2: Draw a picture on a blank sheet of white paper. (In the instance where you are using a Dictaphone you are painting an imaginary picture using descriptive words while forming the image in your mind.)

  • Day 2 – The objective is to draw what ever you want but to ensure that you leave little to no white visible on the page
  • Day 4 – Draw what sadness represents to you
  • Day 6 – Draw what represents happiness to you
  • Day 8 – Draw what represents fear to you
  • Day 10 – Draw what represents courage to you
  • Day 12 – Draw you
  • Day 14 –  Freestyle draw what you want

The Rules

  1. Do not spend any less than 20 mins on drawing. If you have spent ten minutes contemplating or procrastinating and ten minutes drawing then you still have ten minutes of drawing left. Make the task continuous. Do not stop just keep expressing yourself.
  2. When you put your drawing utensils to paper you must not stop
  3. Do not pause just keep drawing until you complete the task
  4. Once complete put the drawing in a drawer so that you cannot see it. The picture will be used at a later stage so ensure that you don’t throw it away. It’s best to put it in a safe place where no-one has access to it.
  5. It is extremely important that you DO NOT look at what you have drawn until the next time you are instructed to do so. The same applies to those who had to use a Dictaphone DO NOT listen to the picture forming dialog until instructed to do so.

Each evening for the next 14 days before you go to bed you must do the following:

  1. Look in a mirror directly into your eyes for no less than a minute.
  2. You can blink, it is not a self starring competition. Please ensure that you maintain eye contact with yourself for a minimum of a minute.
  3. Drink a glass of water with quarter of a lemon freshly squeezed into it.
  4. After you have completed these tasks get a good nights sleep

That’s it. That’s all you have to do for the next fourteen days. 

Enjoy the journey!