I’ve devoted this section to highlighting the responses and / or explanations I made to people who have reached out to me requesting clarity on certain topics. 

Embrace The Possibilities

Anything is possible if you open yourself to seeing what is presented before you. The opportunities are abundant, if you choose to see them.

Is the phrase ‘When one door shuts another will open,‘ familiar to you?

People tend to resist change and in doing so find themselves channelling their energy towards the prevention of anything occurring. If people started to embrace changes and used it as a dynamic tool for creating opportunities there would be plenty of new pathways available for them to explore.

Have No Regrets

When you make a decision and choose a path, do this with an understanding of the options available. Make a decision from a space of no regrets. This is about being responsible for your actions and being completely accountable for your choices. It is your life, your choice, make the best decision for you in that moment and don’t have regrets about that choice. Embrace this and move forward in the knowledge that you are doing what feels right to you.

Experiences Are Relative

Each person’s experiences are relative to them. Many people may have experienced the same thing or even had the experiences together and yet the impacts of those experiences are relative. Accept this to be a truth and you will start to begin to accept the people around you and yourself. We have this desire to be accepted and understood by those we care about. It is not from an area of malice that people do not see, hear and feels things the way you do. It is because our experiences are relative.

Critical Thinking – Perception & Understanding

I often tell people that I can change the past and do so for people every day. They look at me confused, wondering if I really meant to say that I cannot change the past, because that is what people are programmed to believe.

The experiences that occurred in the past are there and will not alter, however it is breaking down the stories that we have associated to those experiences and re-adjusting our perception of ourselves as a result of the past that allows you to change your history in preparation for an amazing future.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you cannot change the past. You can do anything that you choose to do.

Emotional Feeding

I use this term to describe people’s reliance on one another for the emotional /psychological support that they choose not to offer themselves. A simple example is when some-one is constantly searching for praise from others to make them feel better. Placing an importance on receiving this praise from others is a form of feeding.

To ensure that the term “feeding” is understood I will explain to you the volatility of this behavior. What happens internally to a person when they rely on others for praise?

  • If they say what they want to hear it puts them in a happy / loving mood
  • If they don’t say what they want to hear it upsets them, makes them dislike you, perhaps urges them to want to change

In a nutshell who they are and what they choose to feel is being heavily influenced by everything external to themselves, hence they are vulnerable to the world. What I want people to challenge is why they seek from others without even attempting to seek from within. Why should some-one’s opinion be of a higher value than yours on the subject of you?

Trigger Points

An event or experience that sets you off into a pattern of behavior. These will be different for everyone and it is really important that you start to become aware of what they are for you. A common example would be that people are known to use food for comfort or control when they are unhappy.

It would be beneficial to start to understand what types of events cause this reaction and then work towards changing those behaviors by swapping them out with healthier more constructive responses.

When having to deal with emotional (stressful) events, my trigger use to be smoking . I had not touched them for well over a decade. Yet, the moment I received a call from my sister telling me that our father was dying, the first thing I did on the way to the hospital was buy a packet of cigarettes.