Embrace the need for change.

You can never physically go back and alter your past, but you can reframe your perception of it and therefore change the way you have defined your role within it.

If you believe it to be true, then it is.


You are stronger than you realize.

If you are waiting for the perfect time to get started, then you may never begin. Make the decision to stop procrastinating and choose this moment as the one that will lead you toward achieving your dreams.

There are all these rules, constraints, boundaries and conditions that you voluntarily adopt to conform or rebel depending on your objectives. There are many reasons / justifications you will have for holding onto these conditions. This section is not about imposing judgement on whether it is right or wrong to do so, as that is relative to you. What I am offering you is an opportunity to start to see the conditions that you have that you are not aware of and to also give you an opportunity to examine how they are working for you in life and to challenge whether you need to keep them.

Let’s take the self awareness challenge that was presented in the Self Empowerment section of the site as an example. Instruction: Express whatever it is in you to say to you in a tangible form.I intentionally left the exercise open and flexible. You had to make choices.  Allow yourself to become aware of the behaviors that you demonstrated during that exercise.

Let’s Explore.

  • Did you consider creating a clay model, drawing a picture, writing a poem or lyrics to a song as a method to express what you wanted to say to yourself?
  • Did the thought cross your mind to even consider something outside of writing a letter to yourself?

Just be aware of what you did and why. The fact that there were no other instructions meant that you could choose to do anything so long as it was tangible and fit the mandate of expressing your message to you. 

There was an exercise I used to run at the beginning of brainstorming sessions when dealing with Corporate people. It was a technique I developed to assist people in their awakening. I would have a series of pictures placed randomly on the table in front of the attendees. It would be images of animals: bears, tigers, snakes, eagles, owls etc. All in all I would have approx. 12 animals and thirty people in the room. Each person would have a blank piece of paper and pen in front of them.

I would always open my statement by saying: “Listen to what I am saying very carefully. On your piece of paper can you please depict what creature you are and why?”

People would look at each other confused, then one or two individuals from the session would inevitably ask a question in an attempt to seek further clarity. My response would be: “On your piece of paper can you please depict what creature you are and why?”

When everyone had put their pens down I would get each person to stand up and explain what creature they were and why. Every time I conduct this exercise I get the same result. Out of thirty people not one person mentioned a creature that wasn’t visually represented on the table.

I would point out that no-one chose a creature that wasn’t pictured. The participants would get annoyed and challenge my observation by stating that they didn’t ‘know’ they could do that. They would look to blame me as the instructor for not giving clearer instructions. I would then highlight to them that it was their need to have boundaries that forced them to be limited in their response. When I didn’t place conditions on them, they automatically placed conditions on themselves. I was offering them an opportunity to have no constraints and they chose not to.

With their new state of awareness we would conduct the exercise again. Repeating the statement “On your piece of paper can you please depict what creature you are and why?”

This time there were a variety of different animals chosen. I then explained to the group of thirty how it was fascinating to see that the only creatures that they associated with were from the animal kingdom. No-one had chosen an insect or mythical creature. Once again, people within the group react, some laugh, while others express annoyance. Those that are still feeling stuck within their pattern will insist that I did not make it clear or suggest that the exercise is stupid. The projection of frustration is channelled outward and I as the instructor am blamed. I intentionally smile and say nothing to deflect the choices people have made. I am excited for them to be on a path toward awareness.

In light of my new observations I encourage the audience to conduct the exercise again. Repeating the statement “On your piece of paper can you please depict what creature you are and why?” During this iteration there were a few people who chose to alter their creature to mythical dragons, others to butterflies and dragonflies etc the rest remained the same. Once the people who had altered their choice of creature explained what it was and why I asked the group a question. Who in the room is creative and likes to express themselves artistically. A few people raised their hands. I then proceed to ask why they chose to write their response to the question rather than express it through another form such as drawing.  Their response was, “I didn’t know I was allowed to.”

Some amazing results come out of those brainstorming workshops after you get people identifying with their own rigidity and resistance to freedom of thought. It is a powerful exercise that pushes people to broaden their state of awareness.

Awareness is Empowering.

It is important to take the time to be aware of your own constraints and desire for boundaries. I find a common constraint evolves around peoples need for conformity and approval of others. This can stifle and even prevent individuals from reaching new heights and their own true potential. It is my recommendation that before you proceed with the 14 Day Challenge that you consider spending some quiet time alone. You really want to allow yourself to enter that space with with a willingness to do see what you currently don’t see about yourself.

Next Steps

Be committed to your journey of self.  You are worth the investment of time. Take a leap of faith and trust in the process.

It all starts and ends with you… Are you ready?
14 Day Challenge